I get into your blood, never quite leaving your thoughts.
I know how you wish to serve, to explore.
And I know exactly what you deserve.
I relish demonstrating My power over you.
I love the Femdom lifestyle, at all of its levels.
I am your Goddess, Owner, Trainer, Fetishist, and Punisher.
I love to test, test, test. Oh yes, indeed I do.
Careful what you wish for. Know what you seek.
Especially before you come knocking round Me.

I dabble at quite a bit in this lifestyle.
I find more to get into every day.
And I like that.
I am always making videos and photos which you’ll find in My member zone.
Visit my news page for the latest updates!

Few things are easier on the eye than Mistress decked out in one her of fabulous get ups.
I have a particular fondness for latex and leather clothing, and a hard Fetish
for fantasy dressing, extreme make-up, coats, gloves, shoes and boots.
MMMM, I adore the textures of rubber, leather, metal, velvets, fishnets, silks and satins on My skin.
I am always in heels, the higher the better.
Stilettos and platforms and boots and boots and BOOTS!
Well worth all of your torment to be able to worship at My feet, isn’t it?
Actually, what wouldn’t you do to please Me?

Take a look around, you will see DS/SM present in everything these days, truly.
SM practices have thrived among Us since the beginning of time.
At the core of each of Us, the biggest mystery besides the meaning of life itself,
is that of Our sexuality.
It is about trying to answer THOSE questions, the ones that will not go away.
I dream that everyone can find a way to understand themselves at this level.

At the moment I am in Florida, and will visit in Paris, Vancouver, London, NYC, Montreal, LA, and the Carolinas. Later this year I can be found in Paris with Maitresse Francoise, and in Montreal for Fetish Weekend! Come and join Us!

Be good!