Admit it little man, you’ve derived enormous pleasure from looking at the various images of Me on My website. Now you can return the compliment.

Spoil Me with fabulous fashions! Rubber and leather clothing and corsets, gloves, lingerie and hosiery, as well as the sexiest shoes and Boots you can find. I love gifts of books and movies and music. I collect unusual torture and CBT equipment. I adore electro toys. Wonderful are gifts made by you just for Me! Yes, I do send pictures of Me + the gift if I can do.

My preference for rubber clothing is House of Harlot London, for leather clothing is Demask, and for shoes and boots are those byNatacha Marro. All of these Genius Fetish Wear Makers have My measures and patterns and will happily help you arrange a gift that is truly sinful.

Gift cards and credits from  Sephora, The Fetish Factory, Victoria’s Secret, The Stocking Store,Amazon and Secrets in Lace are perfect.

My favorite charity can always use some love. Show it here.

Updates to My Amazon wish list are below :